Advanced Thought Leadership Program

This is the flagship learning program from Thought Leaders Global. Designed primarily as our licenced mentor induction program we have upgraded it and opened it up to all serious Thought Leaders who want to deep dive into not only the Thought Leaders Core Curriculum but also into exploring what it means to be a mentor (generally) and what serious Thought Leadership is about.  

Everyone leaves this program with a certificate of attendance in the Mentor Certification Program and the opportunity to become a licenced Thought Leaders Mentor.

This program is domain agnostic, meaning that it doesn’t matter how you turn up as Thought Leader, this program is good for you. So intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and infopreneurs alike learn from and derive huge benefits out of attending the Advanced Thought Leadership Program. 

Of course future and existing mentors still go through this program as part of their induction process and love it.

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